1. 1. Industry Networking - Representation on SLFPA steering committees and the possibility of being nominated to external committees as the SLFPA representative.

  2. 2. Backward and Forward Integration – Easy accessibility to raw materials, product and market information, through various channels

  3. 3. Policy influence & dialog - Forum to discuss/submit trade related grievances and other related matters of trade interest (Eg. FTA negotiations)

  4. 4. Industry Representation - Representation of business related issues with relevant government authorities.

  5. 5. Technology transfer, Guidance, direction, Training & Education –Facilitate the members for the participation at international training programmes sponsored by recognized institutes

  6. 6. Promotions & Exhibitions of local industry - Special rates for our National Exhibitions, seminars and workshops including PROFOOD/PROPACK.

  7. 7. Facilitating Development programs

  8. 8. Building skilled workforce for the industry - By conducting various workshops and seminars.

  9. 9. Members can contribute by way of articles & advertisements to our half yearly newsletter, which is circulated among our entire membership, Ministries & foreign consulates.