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Interact with members of the IFSTSL, opportunities and vacancies in the food sector,
attend training programs, workshops and seminars.

IFSTSL First Annual Research Sessions in Food Science & Technology- 2015

The Institute of Food Science and Technology Sri Lanka (IFSTSL) will be holding its first Annual Research Session starting from December 2015. The objective of the research session is to give an opportunity for all the Food Science and Technology graduates to present research findings on food science, food technology, food and nutrition, food analysis and allied fields. Further it provides an opening for the members of the food industry to create deeper understanding of research in the universities, identify mechanisms to utilize the research findings for improving food processing in Sri Lanka and to create employment opportunities for the students in the industry based on their knowledge, demonstrated skills and research capabilities.

Call for Papers
IFSTSL welcomes successfully completed research papers relevant to the above fields. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to (IFSTSL Office, 1, 1/1 Anderson Road, Colombo 5). The deadline for submitting the manuscripts is 10th November 2015. Manuscripts will be refereed within 10 days of the receipt and sent back to the authors for improvements. Once the revised manuscript is accepted, the submitting author is expected to pay Rs. 500.00 as a submission fee. If the presenting author of the manuscript is a student member of IFSTSL, the submission fee will be waved. Accepted manuscripts to be presented at the research sessions will be published in a special proceeding of the IFSTSL. Please download the application form and the guidelines for preparing abstracts for more details.

Thanks and kind regards,
Dr. Niranjan Rajapakse
Secretary/ IFSTSL
Tel: 071-4451872

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Food Safety Postgraduate Diploma

Peradeniya University IFSTSL Program


Symposium on "Nanotechnology Applications in Food ...

The Institute of Food Science & Technology Sri Lanka (IFSTSL) in partnership with Sri Lanka Food Processors Association (SLFPA) organized a Symposium on Application of Nanotechnology in Food industry, on 23rd August 2014 at BMICH, concurrently with the Profood/Propack Agbiz Exhibition. Hon.Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Science,Technology & Atomic Energy was the Chief Guest.

 Ms Sunanda Weerasinghe welcomed all guests and the President of the Institute of Food Science & Technology Sri Lanka (IFSTSL) Dr Priyadarshani Talgaswatte gave a brief introduction about the Symposium. The key speakers, Dr.Nilwala Kottegoda of University of Sri Jayewardenepura spoke on " Nanotechnology Application in Beverage Nutraceuticals & Cosmoceuticals" and Mr.Manju Gunawardana addressed " Nanotechnology innovations in Agriculture Food & Beverage". Students of Universities of Sri Jayewardenepura, Peradeniya, Uva Wellassa & Sabargamuwa presented papers on their research work. The symposium was sponsored by Fibonacci Scientific

3rd AGM information.

The 3rd Annual General Meeting of Institute of Food Science & Technology Sri Lanka (IFSTSL) was held on 30th September 2014, presided by Dr.(Mrs) Priyadarshani Talgaswatte at the Conference Room of 80 Club of Colombo .

Institute of Food Science and Technology Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was one of the few countries that did not have an institute dedicated to Food Science & Technology. The Institute of Food Science & Technology-Sri Lanka (IFSTSL) was established in 2011 through efforts of the Sri Lanka Food Processors Association, with participation of academics, scientists and industrialists in the food sector.IFSTSL gives an opportunity for Sri Lanka to strengthen its economy, industry and human capacity through combined efforts of everybody interested, dependent, and serving in the food industry in Sri Lanka. IFSTSL plans to provide opportunities for everybody in the food industry to strengthen their knowledge and skills, to become a recognizable force in the national economy, to link with the international counterparts and provide an internationally competitive environment for the food industry.It is time that everybody attached to the food industry make use of this opportunity by becoming members of the IFSTSL.

How is IFSTSL managed?

The IFSTSL is managed by a Council of 13 members and a Governing Board of 5 members elected at the Annual General Meeting among its members.The two bodies work together to maintain high professional standards in all activities of IFSTSL. The IFSTSL is registered under the Registrar of Companies with a legally acceptable constitution governing its activities.


  • All members get the privilege to interact with members of the IFSTSL very closely, which constitute of academia, researchers, industrialists and other professional groups working on food related activities in Sri Lanka.
  • The members receive a free e-Newsletter which provides a forum for discussion, and express views in addition to exposure of current issues important to the food industry.
  • The members get the opportunity to come across any vacancies in the food sector.
  • The members get concessions on all fees charged for training programs, workshops and seminars organized by IFSTSL in collaboration with the Universities, research institutes, and foreign organizations with similar interests.

How to became a member

Interact with members of the IFSTSL, opportunities and vacancies in the food sector, attend training programs, workshops and seminars.

Online Application


Persons interested in becoming the members of the IFSTSL are requested to obtain an application
from office of the IFSTSL (No 1,1/1, Anderson Road, Colombo 5) or contact Mrs. Sandhya Fernando (Phone: 011 7548770, 011 4920206 or 011 2678607-09). Duly completed applications should be submitted to the IFSTSL office with hard copies of required documents.

Online Application

Download the membership application form  (PDF version) 178KB

Download the membership application form
(PDF version) 178KB
Download the membership application form
(MS word version) 151KB
Download the membership categories
(MS word version) 110KB

Membership Subscription

Entrance fee is Rs 1000 for individual members and Rs 5000 for corporate members. Annual subscription is Rs. 2500 for Fellows and Associate members, 15,000 for Corporate members and Rs 10,000 for Associate Corporate members. Annual subscription for Interim members is Rs 5000 for companies and Rs 2000 for individuals. Annual subscription for student members is Rs.1000.

Membership Categories

Click here to download - (pdf)

Enrolment and Responsibilities of Members

Individuals & corporates seeking membership of the Institute shall apply in writing on the prescribed form to the IFSTSL office.

  • Any member may terminate his/her membership by notice in writing.
  • A member who is not in arrears of subscription fees shall be eligible to attend and vote at the General Meetings of the Institute, except for student members.
  • Every member including corporate members shall be entitled to a single vote at General Meetings.
  • The Council of IFSTSL will determine the eligibility of an application according to set criteria which will be updated with the concurrence of a majority of the membership.
  • Student members are not entitled to vote at General Meetings.
  • Interim members shall upgrade their membership category to a member within 4 years, from the date of membership.
  • Interim members who are not in arrears of subscription shall be entitled to attend meetings, but shall not be entitled to vote, or be eligible for election to the Council.


  • To create an apex body representative of professionals involved with the processed food industry of Sri Lanka.
  • To uplift the level of professionalism within the food processing sector in the country.
  • To benchmark and promote best practices beneficial to the national processed food industry.
  • To interact at an advisory level with state bodies engaging the Government and consumer representation in all national policies and regulatory matters.
  • To serve as a forum for professionals to exchange ideas, conduct research and promote innovation.
  • To conduct educational programs, training programs, award certificates and engage in any knowledge infusing activities which benefit the sector.
  • To develop, nurture and promote the national image and the competitiveness of the food processing sector.
  • To pursue co-ordination and interaction with Non-Governmental Organizations, International Funding Agencies and fellow professional bodies in furtherance of these objectives.
  • To undertake all matters incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives.

Am i eligible to be a member of IFSTSL?

All persons engaged in the food and beverage industries and serving in the broad areas of Agriculture, Catering, Education, Financial services, Food processing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Quality control & testing, Regulations, Research & Development, and Wholesale & distribution are qualified to be members of IFSTSL. Every eligible applicant would be considered for enrolment in to one of the following categories of membership on payment of membership subscriptions.

Fellow Members

Persons who have obtained diplomas or higher qualifications in the broad fields identified above with minimum of 5 years of experience in the field including 1 year in a corporate organization, or a government institution.

Associate Members

  • Persons with GCE (O/L) qualifications and minimum of 10 years of experience at senior managerial level in food processing business,
  • - Or -
  • Persons with postgraduate qualifications in a relevant field and 1 year of experience in the food industry,
  • - Or -
  • Graduates in a relevant field with minimum of 2 years experience in the food industry,
  • - Or -
  • Persons holding diplomas in relevant fields with minimum 3 years of experience in a food industry.

Student Members

Students reading for Postgraduate diplomas, Master’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees or Diplomas related to Food Science & Technology or Food & Nutrition with no industrial experience (The membership will be renewed annually subject to continuation of studies within the stipulated study period for the program).

Corporate Members

Corporate membership is offered to legally registered companies or formal government institutions serving the food processing industry employing a minimum of 1 Fellow member, has been in business for over 3 years, and has minimum facilities and quality certification as reviewed annually by the Governing Board of IFSTSL.

Associate Corporate Members

Associate corporate membership is offered to legally registered companies or formal government institutions serving the food processing industry employing a minimum of 1 Fellow or Associate member, has been in business for over 1 year, and has minimum facilities and quality certification as reviewed annually by the Governing Board of IFSTSL.

Interim members

The following categories of persons may apply in their individual capacity for interim memberships.
  1. A Director/Senior Manager of a company engaged in food processing
  2. A sole proprietorship, a partnership or a company incorporated in Sri Lanka
  3. A student member who has completed the education and yet to obtain required experience to upgrade the membership to a higher category